Winners in each group for the 2018 football world cup

The soccer world cup 2018 has had a total of 200 teams this season, racing against each other. It is going to be among the year’s tournament. An absolute treat for the eyes and a stunning match it will be, people simply cannot prevent themselves from flying to South Africa. There are a total of 31 teams in all. This entails states from 5 from Africa, 5 from South America, 3 from north-central America, 13 from Europe, 1 group from Oceania and 4 from Asia. Moreover, the host country, South Africa will be playing at the championship also. The qualification match was played in august 25, 2007. The qualification for procedure completed in November 2009.

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The confederation of African soccer had an introductory which was played mostly to bring the teams down to 48 only. This number is followed by 12 groups of 4.12 qualified champions. Amongst them, there are 8 runners-up. These teams will be allotted each section, into 5 sections. Whoever is going to be the winners from these sections will be playing at the final rounds of this year’s world cup. The qualified teams from cafe Africa who have already qualified for this year’s kualifikasi piala dunia 2018 are Algeria, Cameroon, Nigeria and Ghana. The teams have been trimmed down by football confederation. These 20 teams will be sub-divided into 5 classes. 4 groups will be involved by each class. While the two placed teams would play against each other, the winners of these categories will qualify to the finals. The groups for arc are Australia, Korea dry, Japan and Korea republic.

Europe’s urea championship had 1 set of 5 teams and 8 groups of 6 teams. Winners are qualified; the eight determined the 4 spots. Caribbean conceals and north-central America has experienced 2 preliminary rounds that will be trimmed down to 12 from 35. The teams are Honduras Mexico and use. The qualified three groups of south pacific games had associated with New Zealand for the of nations cup. The fifth will play against the winner of Oceania. South America will have 10 teams. This year, therefore Africa will see some of the most spectacular moments of football sports. The glitz and the glamour of the world’s biggest soccer tournament will be a delight to watch for millions throughout the planet.

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